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Biggest Website Mistake

Does your agency offer you a free website? Think twice before using it.

Put yourself in the place of a potential client. You look at a handful of real estate agent websites and notice that three are almost identical. How impressed would you be with one of those? Chances are, you would cross those off your list and pick one of the other two to work with.

When you use a free website provided by your agency, you convey several messages, none of which is positive: 

You are unsuccessful. 
Let’s face it, the most successful agents are not using a bare bones free website template offered by their agency. You know it and your potential clients know it. Using one signals that you are either doing this as a sideline job or are not successful enough to even have your own website.

You are not Internet-savvy. 
Most clients expect an agent to use the Internet effectively to search for and promote properties. Having an unimpressive website is a surefire way to let people know that you don’t place a lot of importance on the Internet.

You are not marketing-oriented. 
Clients are looking for an agent who can maximize the attractiveness and value of their home. If you don’t have the skills or energy to market your own business effectively, why should a client hire you to market their home?

The bottom line is that potential clients will be comparing you to other agents. Using a free website template from your agency is an easy way to eliminate yourself from consideration.
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